WECANDANCE ▾ 7-8-9 august 2020
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WECANDANCE is an annual summer festival that takes place on the beach in Zeebrugge. The festival owes its unique boutique identity to a mix of music, food and fashion, three cornerstones that are put forth towards a new theme for every edition.


WECANDANCE offers an array of musical genres ranging from the familiar to the more experimental. By programming lesser-known artists representing upcoming genres we express our openness towards the future. More established artists provide the festival with an accessibility that balances out the overall line-up spread over six stages.


WECANDANCE has a radically different approach to food. By stepping away from junk food and focusing on a variety of qualitative meals we again bring the unconventional to the table. We also work together with a number of renowned chefs who create signature meals referring to the edition’s theme. Our Food Market demands a prominent role in this story and since 2018 our plant-based corner made its entrance. Every year we’d like to take more steps in refining our food experience by immersing ourselves into the farm-to-table and zero-waste movement.


WECANDANCE is about indulging in the potential of the unconventional. Fashion is about self-expression, which is why it is part of our DNA as our third cornerstone. By teaming up with influential names from the fashion scene and asking them to design items or even limited collections that reflect the edition’s theme, we create an exclusivity that reinforces the event’s uniqueness.