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We can’t wait to steer you through the multitude of music genres that WECANDANCE has to offer. We’re adding an extra festival day on Friday August 9th starting at 5 PM, serving a selection of outstanding performances spread over 2 stages of which one live stage. During the weekend we also make room on the official festival programme for one extra live stage, bringing the total to six stages exploring hip hop, techno, house & disco, all-round, slow dance and live music.

If you don't want to miss out, it might be a good idea to set up camp close to the festival. Leave your worries at home and book a house at Sunparks that offers the perfect accommodation during your festival stay, including shuttle service to and from the festival. Prices start at €35 per person per night with access to all Sunparks facilities.


Food is considered an equally important cornerstone next to music and fashion. The WECANDANCE Food Market demands a prominent role and last year, our plant-based corner made its entrance and was a downright success. In 2019, we'd like to refine our food experience even more by immersing ourselves into the farm-to-table movement.

Furthermore, we continue our successful Pure C-formula with star chefs Sergio Herman and Syrco Bakker at the forefont. Reservations can be made per table for 10 people. More information or bookings at vip@wecandance.be. Are you ready to go on the prowl?


Don't worry, you don't have to be Indiana Jones to rock the effortless Safari-look. For starters, a good topper is going to keep the sun out your face and the dust out of your hair. Go for belted jackets and all shades of beige you can think of. Throw in some khaki to blend in with the colours of the savanna. Think Ralph Lauren-esque safari shirts, indulge in leopard prints or perfect your look with some python patterns. But remember, don't overthink this! This is not a dress-code event and we cherish authenticity. In other words: you do you.

Take a peek on our Pinterest page for some Safari Nomads inspiration!

Concerning our capsule collection, we engaged in some outside-the-box thinking and switched up the formula. Quite something to look forward to!


With this year's theme "Safari Nomads", we'd like to raise awareness for the preservation of Africa's wildlife and reserves. We choose to support African Parks, a non-profit conservation organization that takes on direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas. More information at www.africanparks.org.

Apart from this, we've made some adjustments in terms of ecology and sustainability over the past few years. We've banned the use of straws and we highly encourage our food partners to use biodegradable materials and extend their menu with vegetarian or vegan options. This year we'll concentrate particularly on the disposal of cigarette butts. By applying these measures, we try to take up responsibility to reduce our ecological footprint where possible.