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WECANDANCE supports HIV Ontrafelen

WECANDANCE supports HIV Ontrafelen

We are pleased to announce that WECANDANCE will be supporting the charity HIV Ontrafelen.

HIV Ontrafelen is a crowdfunding campaign being launched by the department of internal diseases UGent. By organizing an annual event in December in Ghent, they support the search for medication against HIV. All proceeds go directly to research in the cure of HIV. You too can show your support, these 2 ways.

As you know, we work with ecocups on our festival. When returning this cup, you can choose to donate the value to hivontrafelen. An easy and effective way!

There is also the option to voluntary donate to fund the account number listed below. Gifts worth €40 or more are tax deductible in Belgium. Help us unravel the mystery of HIV and to disable the virus.

Account number:
UGent University Fund
IBAN BE26 3900 9658 0329
Free communication: HIV Ontrafelen

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